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Please find below some of the most common questions that we are asked that will help you have a better understanding of our building process.

1.  Are you a Kitset supply company only ?

No. We can either supply you with shell only kitset OR provide you with a total build option using a Customkit Network Builder. More....

2. How much should we allow for outside services or infrastructure?

Building the house is one thing, creating the infrastructure is another matter. We advise people to allow an EXTRA $30,000 to $50,000 to cover such things as phone, power, sewer/septic tank, storm water, water, earthworks and resource consents. These items are not covered in our pricing.

Some building sites are more straightforward than others.  Again, before going too far down the track make sure you can deal with additional costs.  These might related to a difficult site, challenging access, council requirements, snow loadings and even wind zones.

3.  What is included in my Kitset?

For Barns/Sheds TIMBER wall/roof framing, Ply and Batten Cladding, Double Glazed Aluminium Joinery, Colorsteel roofing, Colorsteel roller door, Marley PVC Spouting and DP's For Homes, Barns with accommodation: TIMBER wall/roof framing, Ply and Batten Cladding, Double Glazed Aluminium Joinery, Verandah, Colorsteel Roofing, Marley PVC Spouting and DP’s…and depending on plan where stated carport/internal stairs, mezzanine floor, colorsteel sectional doors, balcony, pergola etc. More....

4. Is Customkit able to customise any of their plans?

Yes most definitely.  In dealing with Customit you have the opportunity of selecting an existing plan from our portfolio and customising it to suit your own specific requirements or we can literally start from scratch.
5. Are we able to do some of the finishing work ourselves?

Yes. As we start with an open mind and skill for listening, a Customkit home can truly reflect your unique taste, personality, and lifestyle...not ours.  Unlike other housing companies we offer you the flexibility to decorate or finish the inside as you want.

3.  Can you supply buildings all over New Zealand?

Yes. We can supply Customkit buildings all over New Zealand. We have a Customkit Agent based in Whangarei also. More....

4.  What is the difference between Customkit and other building companies?

Customkit is the only specialist timber company in New Zealand designing and supplying residential and commercial buildings. More....

5.  Do you have a showhome/s?

We not have a showhome but we have buildings in selected areas throughout New Zealand which may be accessible for you to look at We also have a range of videos on our website showcasing some of our buildings that you can watch. Contact us for more details and/or visit our website video page.

6.  Are Customkit Barns easily adaptable if we want to use it as accommodation later on ?

Yes. A Customkit solution allows you to LEGALLY build a building which is specific in use yet complies with the building regulations for both the residential section as well as the barn/ancillary area. We make sure our clients ‘future proof’ their buildings so this can be done later on. A steel shed is not easy or cost-effective to future proof.

7.  How do Wooden buildings react in an Earthquake?

One way of explaining timber is that it remains a live product. It flexes much the same as a tree will in the wind absorbing vibration and movement. Following the big earthquake in Christchurch we contacted all current and previous clients in and around the epicenter. We are proud to say our buildings withstood the earthquake extremely well with only one crack reported in a sheet of plywood.


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